Virtual Run for Sherry

Some of you may remember me posting about the tragic story of Sherry Arnold, a Montana teacher and runner who went for a morning run, and sadly never returned.  This story not only struck the hearts of those who knew her personally, but virtually the entire running/blogging world.  As I read the scene-by-scene reaction from Sherry’s cousin, Beth at SUAR, my heart absolutely broke; it broke for Beth, for Sherry’s family and students, and a piece of me mourned the innocence of being able to run solo in an area where one might feel safe.  I have dedicated past runs to the memory of Sherry, and on February 11th, I shall participate in the Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold, and don my race bib.  I will be just me running, solitarily in my back storage room where I run every morning.  I ask for you to open your hearts and run with me.  Sherry left behind a family, and if you would also like to financially contribute to her memory, you can do so here.  Even if you walk, jog, bike, swim, or run on the 11th, please keep Sherry in mind, as she was a woman full of courage, strength, and grace.

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