5 Things Friday

1.  Baby It’s (Still) Cold Outside

The temperatures have not given any leeway since the last time I complained about the temperature.  The last few days it’s been dipping in the -30s and I even heard -40.  Our car’s temperature gauge has read -8 and -6, so when you add in a 20-40mph wind, yea you’ve got the recipe to want to stay in and bundled up.  Ok, I promise this will be the last time I talk about the cold weather.

2.  Torturing Students A – Edgar Allen Poe

This week, my 8th graders read my favorite Edgar Allen Poe story, “The Tell-Tale Heart.”  When I was in middle school, we went to a local theater to watch a production of the eerie tale.  I don’t know that I would ever say that I was tortured by Poe, but he’s certainly not the go-to author these days with the kids.  However,  a little exposure to the greats now and then won’t kill those XBOX360 playing, energy drink slurping, jive talking teens.

3.  Torturing Students B – Shakespeare

So now you may be wondering if I really do like my students.  Shakespeare??  Oh yea!  And a heavy dose of it too.  I should have added a #6 to my list of why I love being the teacher random posting, and that would be that I get to choose the stories we read.  Of course, I don’t always choose just what I like, but this time I did.  My favorite Shakespearean play is, “Othello;” I love the complexity of the scheme that is hatched against Othello, and the circumstantial evidence.  And then of course you can get into the literary analysis – the tragic hero with a fatal flaw who starts out the play full of power and wealth, but very little self-awareness.  Oh baby don’t get me started!

4. What I’m Watching: the Super Bowl

I just can’t get over this picture!  It’s such a politically correct interpretation of a Super Bowl party; almost all team colors are represented as not to insinuate that any one team would be better than another, there is a good mixing of age groups and genders, the ethnic background leaves a little bit to be desired, and not one of those people is actually watching the game.  Love it!

Anyways, the Super Bowl is this Sunday, and even though Dear Hubby and I don’t really care for either team, and aren’t that excited about the match up of the Giants and Patriots, we are going to do our American duty and host a party.  We’ll invite a few of our teacher-friends over for pizza, finger foods, and some witty commentary on this year’s commercial lineup.

5. What I’m NOT Watching: American Idol

I hate to disappoint my parents and our friend Michael, but we are not going to be watching American Idol this year.   We did watch last year, just to be able to talk about it with our friends at school, and I did like the addition of Steven Tyler – the crazy to replace Paula.  I’m just not that crazy about the show anymore.  I loved the combination of Paula and Simon; Randy has always been like vanilla pudding to me – it’s there to satisfy a craving, but afterwards you’re not really sure you ate anything.  And even if I did want to watch this year, after exposing Dear Hubby for the first time to Idol and having to endure Scotty McCreery probably means that it’s a dead-in-the-water issue.

Question of the Day: Anything on your mind for Friday?

2 thoughts on “5 Things Friday

  1. Poe and Shakespeare rock!!! Always dreaded Homer, ughh Iliad and the Odyssey? Funny thing is the older I get the more I appreciate what I dreaded in school, especially literature. Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes in HS was pure misery. Just re-read it last month and I love it. I have a whole list I have been re-reading and one of these years maybe your students will do the same? Nice post!!!

    • Thank you so much! I am in total agreement with you! I absolutely hated MacBeth and Beowulf in high school, but LOVE them both now! I should start adding some of those HS titles back into my reading rotation.

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