Thursday Afternoon Random Thoughts

Morning Workout: 3 Miles @ 24:00 (8’00” avg pace)


So it’s one day into February and my goals are holding up fairly well.  The one that I almost bailed on was tracking my food consumption.  I kind of went overboard last night; a lot of mindless eating and whatnot.  One of the things that helps me curb my compulsion to snack after dinner is if I actually track those calories BEFORE I eat.  Well I didn’t do that, but did this morning very hesitantly.  I knew my overall calorie consumption would be way over what I was supposed to eat, but perhaps actually seeing the number would help things for tonight.

Those 2400 calories don’t sound so good now.  Ahhhh well.  Que sera, sera for Wednesday.

And now for something completely different.

5 Reasons Why I Love Being the Teacher:

1.  I get the comfy chair

2. I can say stuff like, “Even if it’s true, you should tell someone that their feet smell like burned dog poop.” (True story)

3.  An excellent excuse to read Young Adult Lit without people questioning why you’re obsessed about a 17 year old protagonist.

4.  Secretly entertained by all the stuff students say, but can’t laugh at because it was inappropriate, but damn funny.

5.  Moments like this: 

There was a state-wide poster contest that asked students to create a poster that represented Respect; respect for others, stopping domestic violence, how to show respect, ect.  Thousands of entries were submitted, including a handful from our school.  I received a letter from the office of the governor, Sean Parnell, thanking me for our participating and that I could view the winning posters online.  Even though our students did not win, our middle schooler did receive an honorable mention:

Question of the day: Do you have any random Thursday rambles?

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