Twitter Charity Run via werrunners

I was recently contacted Jeff and Tamara from WeRRunners via Twitter about a Twitter Charity Run. They said they’d love to have an AK pin in their charity, virtual run.  What would I say???

And you should do it too!  Here are the details:

The great thing is you can choose your race distance and which charity you’d like to donate to.  I chose Ele’s Place.  Last summer I ran in the 2011 Ele’s Place 5k and set my 5K PR.

There’s not a better opportunity out there!  So, between April 13th-15th, I’ll be donating $50 to Ele’s Place and running 10 miles.  You should join us as well!  Here’s how you can enter:

How do I Register – Please sign up here to participate.  After the event is over we will have another form for you to fill out with your run and charity results.

Get your TwitterCharityRun bib here

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