February Goals

Morning Workout: 35 min tempo run (from yesterday that I didn’t do cuz I am lame)

4.28 miles – avg pace 8’11”


123.09/ 1,000 miles in 2012

January Wrapped Up:

I’d say that those are some pretty decent starting off numbers.  As you can see, there are a few gaps here and there; I certainly would not want a toothy grin that resembled this running chart, but not that bad.  A few highlights were my 13.1 miles and a 9 miler in there; a low would probably be yesterday’s half-brained/half-a$$ attempt at a run.  Overall I am pleased and ready to start setting goals for February.

Please excuse my mistake of setting a goal of 14,000 miles in February; it was supposed to be calories burned. I'm not THAT much of a fanatic!

I know that even though this is a Leap Year, and there is an additional day, February still has fewer days than January; increasing my total miles from 118 to 120 might not seem like much, but it means I’ll go from averaging 3.8 miles @ day to 4.1.

February Running Goals:

1.  Increase total milage: Run a total of 120 miles in February

2.  Build up my endurance again: My long runs will be: 7 miles, 8 miles, 9 miles, and 9 miles. (4 weekends in February)

February Workout Goals:

1.  Mondays are TGFP – Thank God for Pinterest: – I will do either one or a combination of multiple weights workouts for 45-60 minutes on Mondays.

2. Preplan my Workouts.  Sunday nights I will layout my weekly workout schedule with the help of Pinterest and other blog resources.

February Healthy Habit Goals:

1.  Tracking: I have an amazing app on my iPhone that allows me to track my food and workouts:Daily Burn Tracker.  It’s user-friendly, portable, and reliable.  I have become complacent lately, but will begin again to track all my calories in and calories out.  Also, I will monitor my protein intake.  I haven’t been so good at this lately, but have started taking better care of myself.

2.  Call and Answer: I have been having some lady issues lately, and I really do need to begin the process of figuring out what exactly is going on.  I am one who tends to avoid the doctor at all costs, and if I do make it in, it’s usually at the pneumonia stage, and could have been avoided should I have made an appointment months earlier.  So with that being said, I’ll be contacting my Michigan physician to hopefully get some answers.

3.  Stretch: I am horrible at taking the time to properly stretch before and after my runs or any workout for that matter.  It takes a few extra minutes to ensure that I don’t pull a muscle, or worse.  JUST DO IT!

February Blogging Goals:

1.  Blog once a day – I put myself under too much stress when I try and blog more than once a day.  I am not a slave to my stats, and I am very pleased that my blog is growing to reach more readers.  I will write because it makes me happy, not because of a sense of obligation.

2. Comment more/Stop Being a Peeper: I love reading other people’s blogs, and there are a lot of amazing ladies out there (and a handful of fellas) that inspire me in many ways.  I should take the time to tell them that.  I know that I am thrilled when people leave me comments, and so the authors of other blogs probably feel the same way.

3.  Read More: I know what you’re thinking, “How does that fall under a ‘Blogging’ goal?”  Well it does simply because the more I read, the more I can share with you.  I believe that the key to being a good writer is to be an avid reader.  That’s what my teachers told me; that’s what I tell my students.

Question of the Day: What are your goals for February?

8 thoughts on “February Goals

  1. Holy ____(fill in your favorite noun), you’re like Olympics fast. Clearly we will never go running together. For the month of February I am giving up long slow runs (the ones I enjoy) and I am only doing speed works (which sucks). Hopefully at the end of February I will be able to post my average pace without you laughing.

    • Well let me just say this: I am already proud of you for being the “grown up runner” and choosing to do speed work as opposed to long runs. I have absolutely no desire to run faster, even in 5k situations.

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