Cozy Country Kitchen via Pinterest

Good Tuesday morning to you all!  I ended up not getting in my 35 minute tempo run this morning because I chatted with my dear mom.  My intention was to talk with her until I needed to get on the treadmill, but the gossip conversation was so enjoyable I decided to displace my AM workout for after school.  I can do anything for 35 minutes; why not a tempo run?

Today’s Workout Plan:

P.M 35 minute Tempo Run

I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow =)

Pinterest is an amazing website; to be able to organize and consolidate ideas from around the internet all in one places is beyond my wildest desires.  You know me: I love a solid framework for every aspect of my life, and Pinterest allows me to visualize projects that I can put into action now, or in this blog’s case, plan my future dream kitchen.

I have found, as I’m sure you have as well, that it doesn’t matter how cozy or accommodating a living room may be, everyone always seems to congregate around in the kitchen.  Perhaps it’s because it’s the center of the home, people feel more at ease if they’re in arm’s length of the host, or they’re intoxicated by the wafting from the oven.

When I envision my first home, I know that Dear Hubby and I will most likely have to purchase a fixer-upper, but that’s just part of the journey; another experience to bond us…if we don’t murder each other in the process.  But the end product will be so amazing.  I have always loved the look of a country style kitchen; they just seem even more homey and inviting than the harshness of stainless steel appliances, and stark accents.  The photos below that I found on Pinterest model the daydreams I have of my future kitchen.

I love the Bead board look on the cupboards.

Again a Bead board accent to this kitchen, but this would be as the backsplash/wall covering.  Love the sea foam color as well.

This Apron front sink just screams Country Kitchen to me.

Of course I would need to have an amazing storage and organization system in my country kitchen.  The woven baskets add that touch that allows this pantry to fall into a country kitchen.

Finding utensils and tools would be so much easier this way than to have to dig through a cluttered drawer – not that my drawers are cluttered…ya hear me?

Even the future Fancy Oatmeal Puppy will have a storage system =)

Questions of the Day:  What is your decorating style?  What changes would you make to your kitchen if you could?

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