Cause and Effect

There’s nothing that I enjoy more than getting to stay up a little later at night knowing that I’ll be able to sleep in and get out of bed when my body tells me to.  I’ve been routinely getting up before the sun for so long, I sort of freak out when the opposite happens.  Sun in the sky = Fancy Spaz.  I don’t know exactly why it is that I become so concerned about waking up at what the rest of the world would consider a normal time; maybe I’m afraid that I will miss out on something, or lose an opportunity to be able to sit on my duff a little longer.  Either way, I am enjoying my early morning rise and shine moment right now, and I chose to share it with you, my dear readers.

Last week, I began discussing the organizational structure of Cause and Effect with my 7th graders.  We had a lot of fun with this activity; I had them use a Cause and Effect graphic organizer similar to this:

I would give them one piece of the Cause and Effect Chain, and then they would either provide the missing Causes and Effects.  Then, when we would complete a chain, we would share the initial cause and then final effect to see how far they chain took their imaginations.  My favorite was:

Initial Cause: No laundry was done for 2 months.

FInal Effect: I have a bionic arm that glows in the dark.

I know – totally random, totally genius, totally love my kids!

We talked about how just one of those links could change the whole rest of the chain; the “Butterfly Effect” if you will.  There’s an episode of Grey’s Anatomy that is coming up this week where Meredith think about what might have been if certain decisions were not made.

So I thought that I would give the same thing a try.

A list of pivotal moments in my life:

1.  Attending college at Aquinas College

2.  Switching my major from Accounting to History/English/Education

3. Moving in with my ex in the Detroit Metro area

4.  Ending an engagement to aforementioned ex

5. Accepting a job in Detroit

6. Accepting a date from Dear Hubby

7. Choosing to leave Michigan after my school closed down

8. Accepting a second year at St. Paul School

These events were consequential to the preceding occurrence, and 100% dependent.  For example, had I not accepted an offer to go on a date with Dear Hubby, we would not have dated until the point of engagement.

Had I not been engaged to someone that I completely trusted and made me feel capable of doing anything, I would not have left Michigan in pursuit of a new job once my previous one had been eliminated.

If we had stayed in Michigan, I am quite certain that neither of us would have found another teaching position that we enjoyed.  We could have gone to another charter school, the same issues that kept us discouraged would have remained, and without a doubt in my mind I would have left the Education field.

Had I left the education world, I quite honestly do not know what I would be doing with my life.  The last job that I had when I didn’t know where my professional life was going was a counselor for Jenny Craig.  When I worked there, I was the skinniest I ever was and met a great friend.  However, the rest of it was awful!

So in conclusion, I am glad that I accepted that date offer and am NOT a Jenny Craig employee.

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