I had a reality check this moning as I read bearrunner’s blog this morning. I calcuated that this year alone I have spent almost $1600 just to be able to run, which should be relatively unexpensive when you initially think about a sport that “does not have any equipment.”


I love running yes, but I really want to begin the next chapter… Triathlon…

 I want to dive head first into Ironman instead of taking baby steps and first attempting a sprint, Olympic or half-ironman distance triathlon. I like to go big! Who knows, I may not even like the sport. I am sure I will do Olympic or sprint triathlon (or two) during training…

 Its one thing to participate in triathlon; it’s another whether or not you can afford it.

 In the analysis of making this dream a reality, it involves substantial startup costs;

 A bike… I was initially planning on saving to purchase a TT bike off the get-go but after giving it some thought, decided to take the more economical route of purchasing a road bike first; back to wanting a TT bike again… $3000.00 would make this worth more than my current car… I am planning…

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  1. As I await word from my insurance company and wonder how much my heel injury is going to cost, I too, wonder, how anyone could think running was cheap or mostly-free. Oy. Do you run primarily outside or on a treadmill?

    • Running injury scares the daylights out of me! I wish you luck on that!

      From September to May, I am 100% indoors and on a treadmill. It isn’t until I get back to Michigan that I get outside. While I am there, it’s about 75% outdoors.

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