Nike + and Protein

Morning Workout: 3.1 miles @ 23:43

Plus this Legs/Abs modified routine

(Thanks, Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers)

108.45/1,000 miles in 2012

The Blahs

Happy Thursday, Fancy Oatmeal readers!  I am thrilled that we have plugged through the first half of the week.  I don’t know about you, but I just couldn’t seem to get excited about this week at all.  Maybe it’s the mid-January Blahs, or the fact that I know the end of the NFL season is just around the corner.  I know that for me a big percentage of the blahs has been that I have still felt cruddy.  My antibiotics are helping the cold symptoms that I had, but I cannot seem to get my head out of this fog.  It dawned on me that I may need to analyze what I’ve been eating lately.

The week that Dear Hubby and I returned to the island from Christmas break, a large grocery shipment came in via Bypass mail.  We were thrilled!  I had ordered, what I thought to be, Boca Burgers but instead received these:

I absolutely love the flavor, and have been choosing to eat one about 4 out of the 7 days a week for dinner.  I’ll add in some veggies on the side, some Pop Chips to add a little substance.  It wasn’t until I realized that by replacing my usual chicken breast plus “whatever is lying around the kitchen” dinners and losing some major protein in my diet did I realize there might be a connection between my fatigue and the amount of protein that I was getting in my diet.

Also, I have a naturally low blood-iron level, and there is a lack of dark, leafy greens on the island.  I don’t eat red meat, so my iron levels absolutely plummet while I am here, especially during that wonderful time of the month.  I’m going to have my mom ship up some iron pills to see if that doesn’t help as well.

The one thing that I chose to do was add a scoop of protein powder to my oatmeal.

I had never tried this before; I reserved my Spiru-tein for my smoothies, which I have stopped making due to the fact that our car read -1 degrees this morning.

I’ve been making these changes for the past two days, and I’ll keep you updated on my (hopeful) progress.

Nike Fitness App + Splits

Yesterday, instead of running I chose to walk for an hour/4 miles, and I used the “Walk” setting on my iPod nano.  This morning when I went to sync my 3.1 miles for today, I was sent to two different websites: the usual Nike Running website and Nike + Active.  I had never seen this site before, but it is seems to be a place for people to utilize the Nike App/tracking gear other than simply by running.

My 4 mile walk on Wednesday morning earned me 364 NikeFuel Points.  I don’t know what that means, but I’ll take it as Nike’s way of giving me a thumbs up.

Also while dinking around on the Nike Running website, I discovered that they DO provide your mileage splits.  I had never seen this before and was totally thrilled.

Here are my splits from today’s 3.1 miles:

My splits from the 8-Miler on Sunday:

Questions of the Day:

Are you experiencing the “Blahs” lately?  What do you do to kick them out of your life?

Do you ever go in streaks of eat the same thing for a certain meal?

For the runners out there: Do you keep track of your splits?  If so, what do you do with that info?  Does it affect your future runs?

4 thoughts on “Nike + and Protein

  1. Awesome work! Have you had the chance to check out the Nike+ FuelBand? No shameless endorsement intended although it’s an awesome gadget. Just picked one up for my wife as a gift, she’s into all this technology stuff.

    • I have not even heard of it, but I love gadgets as well. Right now, I am using the Nike shoe “chip” and my iPod Nano to track my runs. I am still a little unsure as to what Nike Active is – I am assuming it’s just another site to track your steps/walks instead of runs?

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