Save Picnik! Save Picnik!

I am asking for your help, dear Fancy Oatmeal readers!

Some of you may already be aware, but a very popular and user-friendly photo editing site,, is being shut down. is used by many bloggers and amateur photographers.  It’s an amazing site that allows users to:

  • Resize photos
  • Add text, “stickers” and images, borders, and themes
  • Create collages
  • Share photos in creative ways with friends and family
I have been using it for a little less than a year.  Here are some of my more fancier creations:
Can you even imagine your life without this intellectual stimuli???  Yea, me either.
So if the website is so great, why is it being shut down?
 Hell if I know.  But officially:

Why can’t you just use Google+ and their Creative Kit feature?

I have tried and honestly, Creative Kit sucks.  It is IDENTICAL to SOME of the features of Picnik, but lacks in the following areas:

  • Uploading photos
  • Saving photos once uploaded
  • No borders
  • No collages
  • Minimal “stickers”
  • Limited themes

However, there has been an online movement to attempt to keep open and operational.  Below is a plea, by both myself and the petition creator, Jorden Albright, to have you help us keep Picnik alive and well for those who love it.

Picnik, the ultimate photo editing site that is adored all over this globe is shutting down on April 19th. Unless we do something about it. Please, whether you’ve ever used it or not, or whether you’re an avid photographer, or just stumbled onto this petition… PLEASE take the time to sign it. We WILL stop Picnik from shutting down.

Let’s get #savingpicnik trending on Twitter!

Like “Saving Picnik” on Facebook:!/pages/Saving-Picnik/281715701881836

That’s why I signed a petition to Jonathan Sposato, CEO of, which says:

“Don’t shut down Picnik! It’s the best photo editing site out there, especially for amateurs, and many will be lost without it! Picnik corporates, PLEASE don’t shut down!”

Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name:


12 thoughts on “Save Picnik! Save Picnik!

  1. Hi Fancy Oatmeal,
    I saw your blog, I am a huge fan of picnik as well. I do not how to use photoshop but I am a photographic artist and picnik is a huge part of my workflow. I just registered and will be glad to help design the site. If you let me know what copy you’d like to see I will set it up and we can help spread the word. We’d have like 75 days to try to get some buszz behind it. Let me know how I can help. My website is
    Brian Seidenfrau

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  4. please don’t do this to all us humans that love playing an fixing our family’s photos your the best well all pay more I’m sure pleasepleasepleaseplease

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