Dueling Pizzas

Sunday’s Workout: 8 miles @ 1:04:45

99.8/1,000 miles in 2012

It’s been a wonderful Sunday thus far, Fancy Oatmeal readers.  I hope you can say the same for yours.  You know I love a Sunday just as much as the next fella, but even more so because I’m finally starting to feel like myself again – whether that’s good or not, I’ll let individuals decide.

What’s so hot about this Sunday, you are asking yourself?  First, thank you for your concern and interest.  Second, there are MANY reasons why today is pretty darn spectacular.

1.  I slept in.  Until 7am.  We’ve already established that I am an early riser, but at least this morning’s wake up time requires two hands worth of fingers instead of just one.

2.  This is NFC/AFC Championship weekend.  The two games that are played today will tell the world who will be playing in the 46th annual Super Bowl.  Despite the lack of Detroit Lions in the championship game, I am stoked about it.  Of course, as I type this, the kicker for the Baltimore Ravens muffed the game-tying field goal.  Son of a gun.  Sorry Ray Ray.

3.  I ran 8 miles this morning.

Almost more important than the 8 miles is the reward: PIZZA!!!!

4.  Homemade, whole wheat pizza

I decided to break in my new Kitchen Aide mixer and make my mom’s Dear Hubby famous pizza crust recipe.  And then I decided to look up another recipe because I don’t actually have her recipe.  But this one was almost identical to Mom’s.

I decided to go 100% whole wheat flour instead of a combination of the two.  It turned out just as well.

My favorite part of making this pizza crust was punching the dough down after letting it double.  Made me feel tough.  Tough guy.

One of the few things that Dear Hubby can’t really compromise on is pizza toppings, so when in doubt make two!

I had a healthier, chicken/sun dried tomato/carrot/mushroom/chicken breast pizza.

A "Feel Good About You" Pizza

Dear Hubby had a Mexican Pizza.  He made himself a massive plate of burritos yesterday, so I used his leftovers.

Instead of pizza sauce, I used salsa.  I topped the crust and salsa with ground turkey and chicken breast, sautéed onions and garlic, Mexican Fiesta cheese, and Old El Paso rice.

Both pizzas turned out great!

With these things filling up our Sunday (and our bellies), it’s the perfect setup to make next week successful!

4 thoughts on “Dueling Pizzas

  1. Glad you’re back to your Amanda self! Oh, those pizzas look yummy; I like the whole what flour substitution. Think I”ll get tough and make one of these..

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