Five Things Friday

In keeping with the idea of a Daily Theme and yesterday’s success on “What I’m Reading Thursday” and Dear Hubby’s suggestion, today I am going to try on “Five Things Friday” and see if it fits.  If it’s anything like trying on jeans, it’ll be about 2 inches too short so I’ll have to buy a “long,” and then it’ll be an inch and a half to long; no doubt ending up in the “I’ll get into these again someday” corner of my closet, which is adjacent to the “nobody has to know that these are a size bigger than what I wore at the end of the summer” section.  Everyone does this too right?

Five Things Friday

1.  I’m still sick.  Barf.  I went to work yesterday, and it was VERY quiet and I felt ok during the first half of the day.  By the time 4:30 rolled around, I wanted to crawl up in a ball, turn off the light, and just sleep until April.  I woke up this morning and since nothing had changed from last night, I’ll be home again today.

2.  I ate my lunch like I usually do yesterday, and when Dear Hubby and I got home and began packing today’s lunch, he noticed my leftover carrots.  He said, “Oh!  So now I know why you have leftover carrots.  I learned that from your blog yesterday.”  I’m glad Fancy Oatmeal is so far reaching to its audience.

3.  After I finish the third book, Silence, in the “Hush Hush” Becca Fitzgerald series, I think I may begin reading either The Maze Runner or Shiver.  Then again, I may have to fall back and reread The Hunger Games.  I’m going to be reading it with my 8th graders in about three weeks.   I want to have them be able to read it before the movie comes out.  I really hope that they’ll love this book as much as I do.

4.  I think that women are going to take over things fairly soon, and I’ll tell you why: all the women who I know that have given birth in the last four months have had girls.  I believe the last male child that was born turned one year old this week.  And it’s not like one or two babies; we’re talking five baby girls born in less than four months.   If you’re looking to make money and fast, get into the ballerina onesie business.  Money.In.The.Bank.

5.  Our  Netflix queue was updated last night.  The next three viewing pleasures will be old school WWF goodness: Summer Slam 1990, Survivor Series 1988 and 1991.

Question of the Day: What’s something you would want to share for “Five Things Friday” ?

2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. It’s funny that you know so many people who have had girls recently… in the first wave of people I know that were having kids, they were ALL boys! Maybe it’s a geographical thing??

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