What I’m Reading Thursday: Hush, Hush Series

Good afternoon, Fancy Oatmeal readers.  It seems as though having a daily/weekly theme for bloggin is a huge trend: What I ate Wednesday, Wordless Wednesday, Magnificent Men of Monday, Thankful Thursday, ect.  So I thought I would jump on board and create “What I’m Reading Thursday.”  It doesn’t have the auditory elegance of alliteration of “What I’m Reading” Wednesday, but I started a day late.  So sue me.

Oh well; on with the show.

What I’m Reading Thursday

I am halfway through the third book in the “Hush Hush” Young Adult series by Becca Fitzgerald.

I won’t lie; I am kind of into it.  It’s not because I particularly find the story lines that exciting or original, but I simply want to finish the series to say that I finished.

Here is the general breakdown of the “Hush, Hush” series:

1.  Hush, Hush:  A teenage girl with self esteem issues, named Nora, find herself exposed to a hidden paranormal underworld.  Enticing aforementioned young woman, a dark and mysterious leading man, Patch, had a secret that makes him both dangerous and irresistible.  An unconventional love story begins between a human and non human; fear of the unconventional cannot be trumped by true teenage love.   Darker forces attempt to keep our lovers apart, but they find a way to overcome together.

2.  Crescendo: The beginning of the second novel picks up where the first ended: young and in love, our couple throw caution to the wind despite their precarious situation.  Then, for her own good and safety, Patch leaves Nora heartbroken.  The majority of the second novel is spent  with Nora focusing on hating/loving Patch and becoming a stronger, independent woman.  Oh but wait!  Patch still loves her; he’s just doing what’s best for her, but he can’t stay away any longer to let her fight the continuing battle from book #1.  MAJOR CLIFF HANGER ALERT!  Just when you thought all was right in the world, Crescendo ends abruptly and drugs the reading into reading the third book, Silence.

3.  Silence:  Since I’m not done with this novel, I’m not going to go into a review quite yet.  What I will say is that it’s probably the best of the three books.  It leaves behind almost all of its cliches and Nora is less “helpless girlfriend/angry for no reason girlfriend.”  So that’s good.

Pros of the Series:

  • Great character chemistry between Nora, Nora’s best friend Vee, and Nora’s archenemy, Marcie.
  • Nora isn’t totally helpless like some leading ladies tend to be.
  • The paranormal world is well laid out, complex, and intriguing.  I keep reading to discover more about angels, fallen angels, guardian angels, Nephilin, and half-breeds.

Cons of the Series:

  • Even though the angel/fallen angel angle is a breath of fresh air, it’s almost like I’ve read this story somewhere before.  Hmmm


I’d give this series three out of five Bookmarks.

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