DVR from the 80s

Being sick and at home all day does give you a little perspective on the quality of your DVR selection.

Out with “The View” and in with “Shameless”

A thought came to mind: people always talk about how getting DVR changes your life, and it’s true.  If I had the option of having basic cable DVR when I was growing up, what shows would have been scheduled for my cable box to record for my casual viewing pleasure?

*Note* These are not the popular shows of the time, but the FA REAL programing lineup that filled up my youth.

1. The Golden Girls

2. Designing Women

3. Murder She Wrote

4. ALF

5. Garfield and Friends

6. WWF’s Saturday Night Main Event


Question of the day: If you had the service when you were a child, what would have been on your DVR?

6 thoughts on “DVR from the 80s

  1. Definitely Brutus the Barber and the WWF. As a child of the 70’s and the 80’s being prime TV viewing years…Pulling my arm top five DVR as a child:
    1. Pee-Wee’s Playhouse
    2. Double Dare
    3. Fragile Rock
    4. The A-Team
    5. CHiPS

    I feel great shame right now in admitting all of this…Great post.

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