Critters of St. Paul Island

Living 4,000 miles away from your hometown exposes you to a variety of new experiences.  One of the biggest differences between St. Paul Island and my home sweet home of Lansing, Michigan is the wildlife.  Granted you’ll never find anything as classy as Gracie in Alaska, but they tend to grow their animals a little bigger and badder in Alaska.

So if Gracie isn’t a native of Alaska, what are some of the animals native to St. Paul Island?

Let me start by letting you know what you WON’T find on the island (this is in response to many many many questions)

1. Moose

Aren’t moose so dopey?  Love em!  Dear Hubby and I have had three almost-run-ins with them on busy roadways.  They’re worse than deer because they don’t run across the road; they lope.

2. Bears

3. Polar Bears

4. Penguins

That’s the lists of the “Wont’s” and here’s a list of the “Will’s.”


St. Paul Island is known as the Galapagos of the North because the number of bird species that reside here at various points of the year.  In fact, our own TDX Tours’ website has weekly Rare Bird Alerts.

2. Foxes

The fox on the island would be similar to a raccoon or opossum from the “Lower 48:” they are little pests that get into the garbage, and tend to leave little messes on front porches.  They’re harmless, but absolutely adorable – from afar.

3. Seals

4. Reindeer

Question: Have you ever gone bird watching?

Not on purpose, but there was that one time I cut off someone while changing lanes on the expressway.  Alotta birds!

Question: Any “conversation piece” animals in your neck of the woods?

The fur seals are pretty awesome.

8 thoughts on “Critters of St. Paul Island

      • Yes! And a couple years ago when I remarked that I thought it would be fun to move back to Alaska, my dad, in his infinite wisdom and of his sharp memory, reminded me that I lived there during middle school and was thus exempt from shoveling snow when temps were in negative numbers. Although at 40 below, snow doesn’t fall. Bonus points! 😉

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