A Visual of My Runs

I know! I know!  SOOOOOOOOOO Gross!  But I promise you that there are no bodily function photos on this blog post.  Although, you should know that there wouldn’t be anything that out of the ordinary if there were.  Runners know about that certain effect that running has on one’s body.  They don’t recommend bringing your own T.P. to a race for nothin!  So if you’re done being Judgy McJudgerton, on with my blog post!

I'll save you the suppository jokes.


So as of this early afternoon, I have 73.5 (ish) miles logged for January and 2012.  Not bad.  How does that look in my 1,000 Miles in 2012 challenge?

It may look like I’ve dropped in the rankings, which I have, but more people have joined in the pack.  I’m still in the top 6%.  And as you can see, positions are separated by mere fractions of a mile.  I am hoping to stay in the top 300 by the time this challenge is finished.

In other Fancy Oatmeal Blog news, we officially have a Facebook page!

So go ahead and look us up on Facebook and give us a self esteem boost and “Like” us.  It’s like the virtual “high five.”   And really, in this technologically advanced world that I don’t live in well that means more than a real life high five.

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