Saturday’s Workout – 5 miles in honor of Sherry 38:04

66.5/1,000 miles in 2012

Plus the January Ripper Workout as seen here on Pinterest

I want to begin this post by sharing with you a troubling and heart breaking story.  You may be asking yourself, “Who is Sherry that Amanda ran five miles in honor of?”  On Sunday, one of my favorite bloggers, Beth from Shut Up and Run, posted a frightening story about her friend and family member who had gone missing.  This story stayed with me, made me think about the safety of my friends and family, and how vulnerable we all are.  Sadly, only a few days later it was confirmed by Beth that the worst outcome had been confirmed.  I do not share this post to bring you down or make you paranoid.  I share this with you because I hope that it does for you what it did for me: made me appreciate my family and friends more, be more cautious even when I think “it” could never happen, and honor every day and opportunity to give it my all.  Most inspiring about Sherry’s story is that she began running AFTER having a bone from her leg removed due to cancer.  So today I ran my five miles in honor of Sherry.

I had already set a running goal for 2012 to run 1,000 miles, and I will continue to use Sherry and others to keep myself determined to reach that goal.  I also signed up for the Nike Plus Running challenge that pits me against 4415 other app users.

My 66.5 miles qualify me for 297th place, a statistic that I’m quite proud of.
I don’t want to become preachy or overly sentimental, but I do hope that this post inspires you to do something that challenges you.  Use whatever inspiration that you have in your own life, or let Sherry’s story encourage you.

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