The Cost of Living

Today’s Run: 5 miles – 38:45 + Assorted Lower Body & Abs Workout

52.3/1,000 2012 miles

As I was leaving work today, I was reliving the moments of the day to see what seemed totally boring worthy to share with you, my dear Fancy Oatmeal readers.   Dear Hubby reminded me that we needed to get some more milk from the store before heading home.

As some of you may know, Dear Hubby and I are teachers on an island in the Bering Sea off the western coast of Alaska.  The population of our island is approximately 450 people.

Our island has one store – the AC Store to be exact.

We decided to pick up a few staple food items that we were in need of; nothing out the ordinary from any other married couple.  The difference is in the price of our grocery bill.  I thought we would try a little game of “Guess How Much It Costs in Alaska.” Ready?  Ok! How much would you guess it cost to pick up a half-gallon carton of milk? (We buy in bulk) How about:

Or for our three cartons, $20.85

Next up, a bag of peeled baby carrots? (Again, we buy more than one because you don’t know the next time fresh produce is going to be available. Each bag is:  

or $9.87 for the trips.

Has your jaw dropped yet?  Wait until we get to the apples.

For Golden Delicious apples, how much per pound would you suspect we pay? Per pound, the apples are:

but we bought 3.3 lbs, so our total was $12.25

And you can’t eat just apples for your fruit staple, so we purchased bananas as well. Any guesses?  They were:

and our 2.2 lbs. worth cost us $5.95

Dear Hubby decided to treat himself with a DiGiorno pizza for the low low, non-delivery price of:

Our total grocery bill was $64.00 even.  Don’t believe me?  Check it out:

Were there any shockers in there for you?  How close were your price guesses?

P.S. – Cecilia cannot win; she has an unfair advantage =)

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