Celebs in Real Life

Rest Day

47/1,000 miles 2012

Happy Monday!  You can’t tell, but right now I am using all 17 muscles to smile PLUS the 43 that it takes to frown to keep from throwing a temper tantrum over this whole “back to work” ordeal.

Thanks, Tim Gunn.  Love your job or not, sleeping in trumps everything.

I was going to write a glorious blog entry about the process of analyzing a text from a postmodern, feminist perspective, but then I opened up a link to Perez Hilton and game over.  Instead, I think I will capitalize on a random thought that occurred to me about which celebrities I would like to have as workout buddies.

1.  Matthew McConaughey

Obviously Matthew McConaughey is in stellar shape!  I feel that I could transition more smoothly from treadmill to outdoor runs with someone who is a seasoned pro at jogging down a sandy beach.

2.  Felicity Huffman

In my opinion, I don’t think you’ll find a better body on any female celebrity, athletically speaking.  Don’t give me that “Courgar Crap” either; she’s got one banging’ bod regardless of age.  I think Felicity would keep me inspired to do one more set.

3.  Rob Lowe

Besides a few 80’s shirtless scenes, I don’t know much about Rob Lowe’s athleticism.  What I do know is that I fell in love with the audio version of his book, Stories I Only Tell My Friends.  It wasn’t the content so much as the smooth jazz tones of his voice.  I could picture him sitting on a barstool, book in hand, and reciting the words he had so purposefully chosen to share in his autobiography…shirtless.

4.  Kelly Ripa/Mark Conseulos

Winners of the “Hottest Couple Most Likely to Still be Married in Twenty Years” award.  I’d love to see Dear Hubby and I become more in-tuned with one another, fitness wise.  He likes to play sports to get in his cardio, while I like more targeted workouts.  There is a 15k road race coming up…

5.  Neil Patrick Harris

He just seems like such a genuine guy; I picture us being able to establish a casual friendship quite easily.  He could keep up a conversation as we knock out a 14 mile long run.

Question of the Day:  Whom would you choose from the celebrity world to be your workout buddy?

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