First 2012 Race Registration!

Morning Workout:  5 miles on treadmill, easy pace (39:01) + upper body with 8 lbs. weights.  

38/1,000 miles 2012 

Welcome to another glorious start to the weekend.  For some of you, this is your first break since the holidays.  This marks my first day back to work – nothing better than getting yourself back in gear from a three-week hiatus than a working-Saturday.  No sarcasm here.  I swear.  (How come that still sounds like mockery?) Well it’s not.

I like getting back into the routine once I’m mentally ready.  I was not ready three days ago, and enjoyed sleeping in, getting on the treadmill around 9am, and then back into pajamas until forced into cleaning myself up.  I knew my flight to St. Paul was on Friday, and I was ready for the plane to take flight and get me home.

I was even ready this morning to get back into the running game, especially because today, the 2012 Boilermaker Road Race registration opened up!  I ran this race last year for the first time with my SEESTORS, Brotha-in-Laws, and Dear Hubby.  Originally I was supposed to compete in the 5k, but because my sister had  an unexpected (and totally adorable) stowaway, I ended up running the 15k.

After my run, I quickly logged online (does anyone say that anymore???) and booted up (that either?) the Boilermaker website to register.  I may have trumped up the urgency in my mind; they allow 14,000 racers in the 15k, and slightly over 400 had registered by 10am, Utica, NY time.  Yea, just under the line.

But the bottom line is I registered and I have another goal to add to 2012 running page: run a 1:25:00 15k.  Last year, without any training, I finished the Boilermaker Road Race around 1:42.  I know that it’s a big leap to want to take so much time off my previous time, but I have been far more diligent in my distance runs.  I am due for a long-run tomorrow, so I may just test myself with a virtual 15k.

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