Haaaaaaaaave you met Jason?

Since being back in the land of modern technology and serviceable WiFi, I have become a Netflix junkie.  This should not surprise anyone, as I am a self-proclaimed TV fiend.  I do have my limits; nothing trashy or IQ point syphoners, such as the Jersey Shore or any program whose objective is to determine whose baby-daddy is whose.

Hey!  Slow your roll, Mau-Po!  I’ll be the sarcastic bossman around here!  Sheesh!

As I was saying – Netflix has come under some much-deserved heat as of late, but with limited options for media sources on the island, Dear Hubby and I are trying to stick it out through this tumultuous time with the company.  I have been devouring episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” via Netflix, and have discovered a bit of an audience-crush on one Jason Segel.

Yea, the gym teacher from, “Bad Teacher” that nobody suspected the annoying sexy Cameron Diaz would fall for.

I thought he was pretty much the cat’s pajamas when he delivered the lines:

Russell (Segel): “Call me when Lebron has 6 championships.”
Shawn: “Is that your only arguement?”
Russell: “That’s the ONLY argument I need, Shawn!”

I’ve developed a few 100% unfounded theories about Mr. Jason Segel, the boyfriend.

1.  He’s super supportive and sensative to a woman’s needs.

2.  He’s playful and funny, yet responsible enough to call and ask if anything is needed from the grocery store on his way home from work.

3.  He has a balanced approach to sports and fitness.  He likes to take care of himself.

4.  A good book over a Rambo movie any day of the week.

So I may be a married woman, but I believe a good, healthy crush never hurt anyone.

3 thoughts on “Haaaaaaaaave you met Jason?

  1. Agreed! An obsessive, writing his name over and over, and practicing writing my new married name, crush hasn’t interfered with my life at all! Mrs. Laurie, Mrs. Hugh Laurie, Mrs. Cecilia Laurie… 😀

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