Anchor-age Away!

It is officially the lamest moment of my life:  it’s 4:45pm on a Wednesday afternoon, and I am in full jammy-gear, under the covers and ready to start a movie I know damn well I’ll fall asleep to.  I thought for a moment that it could simply be the fact that I’m on Anchorage time, four hours behind my Christmas Break routine time, but I had to stop myself from getting too gleeful because that would still mean I’m bed-ready at 8:45pm…not much better.

Yea, thanks, Rose Nylund – you’re a real peach.

Anyways, besides being extraordinarily lame, I have a legitimate excuse for being wiped out: Dear Hubby and I travelled from Detroit to Anchorage today.  It still blows my mind that sitting on a plane all day (and I do mean ALL day) could tire you out, but here I am with droopy eyelids.

Even though I am 4,000 miles away from home, there are a few items that I brought back with me to keep Michigan closer to my heart.

My mom and I are absolute citrus fanatics this time of year, and nothing brings us together better than our hatred for peeling a grapefruit and then relishing in the juiciness of the fruit.  During December and January, we are known to kill at least one bushel of those bad-boys.  I snagged a grapefruit to eat with tomorrow’s breakfast.

And tonight, I shall snack in heaven because my dear friend, Laura, made a savory batch of Chex mix as part of my Christmas gift.  Laura and I were roommates for two years during our rowdy college years, and she was the best maid-of-honor a girl could ask for.

Also, this little guy found his way into my bag somehow.  I don’t know how he could have gotten there, but I have a feeling my grapefruit-loving mom had a hand in it.

On a final, off-topic note, I believe that it is my lot in life to find those random products that have some special edition.  For example, I sent Cely at Running Off the Reece’s two VERY INNOCENT photos of the new bar-version of the Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups that Dear Hubby received as part of his Christmas gift.

She was kind enough to help my blog viewership when she featured these photos in her blog today.  I am utterly flattered to have been mentioned, even if it was to take the blame for a new addition.  Perhaps I am a crutch in this situation.  I hope she can show me sympathy when she sees what temptations Dear Hubby CONTINUES to bring into our house:

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