A Few Groans to Get You Going

Good morning, Fancy Oatmeal family!  Today, for many people, is the first day back to the grind of normalcy after the holiday breaks. Dear Hubby and I will be traveling back to Alaska tomorrow morning, so this feels like our last day of vacation despite the first day of school being the 9th.  In order to get us all through the humdrum of it all, I thought I would pass along a few Pinterest-ing photos that tickled me just a bit as I try not to slip into a melancholy coma over the end of our time at home.

Let’s start with an instant-classic:

Anything with Jake is fine with me, certifiable or not.

I don’t know much, but I do know that my future son will have this costume in his weekly wardrobe rotation.

I wish I was intellectual enough to find this appalling, but I think it’s friggin’ hilarious!

Every time I read this, I laugh a little harder, and try to figure out how I could drop it into conversation.

Even more respect for my parents now as they attempt to find directions to weddings WITH Google.

The best way to express yourself when nothing fits right, and you’re a bit bloaty from too many holiday treats.

Hope your workday goes better after that gaggle of goofiness =)

One thought on “A Few Groans to Get You Going

  1. every single poster on this post made me laugh out loud. HYSTERICAL. also i do really need to respect my parents more….life without google must have be ROUGH.

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