How Fancy Will 2012 Be?

January 1 – 8 miles/1:02:26

January 2 Goal: 5 miles/”750″ workout

Happy January 2nd, Fancy Oatmeal Blog readers!  Wouldn’t it be a real kick-in-the-head if the delay of blogging was due to an all out blast had for New Year’s Eve?  Yea, well the only thing that was kicking was my snoring around 10pm on Saturday night.  I’m making myself nice and cozy in this 3rd decade of my life.  Bring on the Mom Jeans!

So back to 2012 – I set my personal 2012 resolutions, but failed to include what goals I have for my beloved Fancy Oatmeal blog.

I follow a good number of blogs with many different formats; daily food postings, fitness/running resources, humor with a side of inspiration, and an assortment of education/literature blogs.    While I know that I will not be a full-time blogger in any of these arenas, I have dabbled a bit in all of them, some more successful than others.

So where do I see “Fancy Oatmeal” going in 2012?  As you know, there was a small hiatus when I first began my Master’s program, but was able to organize myself a little better to bring the sunshine of your life back.

The format of Fancy Oatmeal will not change for the most part, mostly because I’m not that creative or energetic.  But I do want to be more diligent about keeping my running/training/epic failing updated via blog.  Because if I can’t share my trials and tribulations on social media, what would give my life purpose?

I’m so damn clever.  Could you just die?  Yea, I’ll repeat: I’m too lazy.  So thank you, S D.

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