Red Tag Sale on Resolutions

Is it just me, or are you sick and tired of being strong armed into creating resolutions for the new year?  I mean, so what if you have less than twenty-four hours until 2012 begins.  It’s not like a matinee where if you’re not in your seat, the afternoon showing of “Young Adult” will start without you.  2012 can be quite scary for some, and for others a chance to start/continue/attempt yet again some healthier habits than what were formed in 2011.  I, myself, feel that 2011 was a great year of transitioning into a healthier mind, body, and soul.  But, that’s just me.  I’m a weird-o who names her running calluses.  To each their own, right Maggie?

So even though I don’t feel that I want to make any resolutions, but continue on with the path that I am on, I thought I would share with you an assortment of intention alternatives.  According to, here are the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions:

10. Get Organized – I’m already too anal about this (TWSS), so there’s no point in adopting it.

9. Help Others – I’m a professional helper AKA a teacher.

8. Learn Something New – Enrolled in a Master’s course.

7. Get Out of Debt – If I didn’t get bills in the mail, I would have an empty Post Office box, and that would be sad.

6. Quit Drinking – Pretty sure my two-drink @ year routine is not in danger of ruining me.

5. Enjoy Life More  – No comment.

4.Quit Smoking – Already a non =)

3. Tame the Bulge – After I’m done letting this resolution hurt my feelings, I’ll go ahead and say that I’ve finally come to accept the dips and bumps of my protuberant form, so this resolution can suck it.

2. Fit in Fitness – Let the “Summer of Halvies” begin!

1. Spend More Time with Friends and Family – One way to christen this resolution will be when I can get my hands on my baby niece, Charlie Simone!  My beautiful and brave sister brought her into this world on December 28th.

Since none of these resolutions inspire me to jump right up and commit, I believe that I will create my own list.  This list will be tailored to my life and personal goals, as opposed to these open-ended, non-specific and recycled flap clap above.

Fancy Oatmeal’s 2012 Resolutions

1.  Sign up for and complete at least four half-marathons.  I would love to compete in the following races:

2. Complete and 3.85 my University of Cincinnati coursework for 2012.

3.  Fundraise enough scratch to allow the Student Council to attend the 2012 Fall Alaska Association of Student Governments conference.

4. Get one of these

7 thoughts on “Red Tag Sale on Resolutions

  1. So many comments on this blog!
    1. I request no more foot photos.
    2. Charlie is sooooo beautiful.
    3. I completely agree with the New Year’s resolution philosophy.
    4. A dog! Wow, big commitment but I know you can handle it.
    Happy New Year Sweetie!

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