Learn from Your Elders

Is it really almost 2012?????  I went to the Little Caesar’s Bowl at Ford Field in Detroit yesterday, and saw a teenager wearing a letterman jacket with 2014 on the sleeve.  HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!  Where did the time go????

She’s a smart-feller sometimes.  I don’t know if cats age in the same base-seven-aging rules as a dog, but if they do, Gracie is definitely reaching middle-age before I am.  And if even I am the first to get crow’s feet, the fluffy feline does bring to mind that it’s that time of year to begin looking back to improve your front…er…future.

If I consider 2011 to be the older, wiser calendar year, then 2012 has a few lessons to be learned.

1.  History does NOT have to repeat itself

The Detroit Lions have proven to be one of those unlovable teams that never could get it right.  We have had foul ups all over the place, and our records speak for themselves: The first team to go 0-16, having more quarterbacks come through our system than a vending machine (get it?  quarter back/quarterback … I’m clever, I know), our best player was the 40+ year old placekicker, and the only thing Detroit could agree on collectively was that our General Manager had to go.

But when the 2010/11 season began with the Lions going 5-0, and going into the last regular-season game at 10-5, clinching a spot in the playoffs for the first time since 1999, there’s a lot of newfound hope in the Restore the Roar movement.

2.  Love where you are

Of the twelve months in 2011, 75% of the time Dear Hubby and I were living and working on that special little island in the Bering Sea.  It took me awhile to fully appreciate the new lifestyle and opportunities that it brought to us.  I kept looking back and living with my mind in Michigan instead of being present in Alaska.  One of the best lessons my mom has taught me, and I always am working on, is to appreciate where you are and not look forward; savor each phase of your life because once it’s gone, it’s gone.  I finally took the time to take in all that St. Paul Island had to offer.  I could not be happier to call this beautiful land my home.

3.  Out of sight out of mind, better appreciated when in sight

One of the greatest lessons that I have learned in 2011 is to not only appreciate where you are, but to recognize the good in my life that I thought I had glazed over when living in Michigan.  Unfortunately, this included some family and friends; I took them for granted that they would always be there, just down the road, and available when I needed them.  Being over 4,000 miles away from everything I had become familiar and overly comfortable with woke me up to realize their true value in my life.

Oh, and high-speed internet is nice too.

4.  Books are good!

In 2012, I hope to be able to add many, many, many, many more books to my personal library.  2011 taught me that it’s ok that my my reading materials and eye cream target two opposing age groups.

5.  Goals are good.

After running in the Boilermaker Road Race in July, I was bitten by the long-run bug.  I was fairly comfortable in my 5k bubble, but loved the rush that finishing a 10+ mile run gave me.  I set my goal to run a half-marathon by the summer of 2012.  I did my research, followed the Hal Higdon training schedule, and am proud to report that I did indeed run 13.1 miles before my deadline.

The act of setting a goal to run a half-marathon kept me on track.  It allowed me to stay motivated, both in my training and meal planning.  I have been able to maintain the weight-loss I accomplished over the summer, and even when a few pounds snuck onboard, I was able to stop them in their tracks.

Goals for 2012??

Even though I am not quite ready to verbalize my goals, knowing that they need to be Specific, Motivational, Accountable, Responsible, and Tangible – I will put the ol’ Thinking Cap on, and get back to you ASAP.

In the meantime:

What has 2011 taught you?

What are your goals for 2012?

2 thoughts on “Learn from Your Elders

  1. 2011taught me do what you love and you’ll be happy. Also taught me to stop trying to please everyone, it isn’t gonna happen and I end up unhappy. 2012, I want to lose 20 lbs and continue with my sobriety which has its difficult moments esp when frustrated or stressed. I also want to be financially fit!

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