30th Birthday Continued

It’s been an absolute whirl wind since Dear Hubby and I have been back in Michigan!  I absolutely love being home, and the few days we’ve been here, we have certainly filled them to the brim with appointments, quality time with family, and celebrating my birthday.

Because I’m the granny panty donner birthday girl, and have been without prime produce, I chose to have a Birthday Grapefruit instead of cake.  No, seriously.

Even though Dear Hubby already gave me  a gift of two tickets to see Wicked, he had a few tricks up his sleeve:

A BibFolio to house all of my race bibs.

A beautiful necklace

I also received two beautiful bracelets, one from my parents and one from my aunt Rhonda.

and a Mom-made wall hanging:

I absolutely love how keen her ability to find influential quotes is.  I mostly come up with crap like this:

I am truly blessed and so very grateful to my family for making me feel so loved on my 30th.

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