A Classroom Tour

Good morning, and happy Day Before Fancy Oatmeal goes home to Michigan for Christmas Break day ; X-Day for those of you non-secular folks.

Dear Hubby and I are cashing in our “work day” ticket today instead of working it when we return after our three-week holiday.  I have quite an impressive list of task to complete, and since Dear Hubby and I am a morning person, we arrived at 7am so that we can be home in time for college football, an intense lounging circuit between couch to floor to bed, and laundry X 3 loads.

Since the room is looking its best, I thought I would share some of the highlights.

I love my classroom.

Matched/Crossed and The Hunger Games trilogy

I just spent the past few hours preparing it for the Spring Semester.  It looks somewhat stark, but give my classes a few weeks and it will be plastered with projects and personality again.  I decided to leave a few things “as is” and greatly appreciate the contributions of my students for making our blah wall/curtain come alive with animated vocabulary posters.

The most “cluttered” area has always been my desk; this has always been the case.  I like to be surrounded by teaching resources and materials.

Did you catch the celebrity in the above collage?

I also like to push my work area as far into the corner as possible to allow for as much space for activities.

I’m trying to incorporate more visual references around the classroom.  I don’t have a lot of wall-space, so I have to use what I have most effectively.  Hence:

I hope my kids will be as ready as my room is for them come January 9th.

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