Christmas Program

Tomorrow night is the St. Paul School Christmas Program.  As the faculty advisor for the Performing Arts Club, I was put in charge of organizing and writing a play that we would act out for the program.  Since it’s a very exclusive performance, I thought I would share with you the plot outline.

Picture it:  The North Pole just before Christmas.

The Elves have all gone on strike on account of Santa being, “an abusive, tyrannical boss.”

Santa and Mrs. Claus need to interview applicants for the position of Christmas Elf.

A lot of people come and interview, but for various reasons, they do not qualify for the position.

Derrick Rose and Kobe Bryant need to be done by Christmas Day since the lockout is over.

Nicki Minaj would only be willing to work if the North Pole will relocate to Miami.

Katy Perry is a terrible wrapper, so she was dismissed.

Snookie and Deena thought it was a radio contest, not a job interview.

Finally, one sweet little girl reminds the elves and Santa that they really do belong as the North Pole.

Everyone lives happily ever after.

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