What’s On My DVR

Since yesterday was Saturday School, I decided to celebrate my One-Day Weekend and 8 mile run by diving into and devouring my DVR’d shows.  75% of the shows that are routinely recorded on our DVR system were setup by me.  Dear Hubby and I have a handful of shows that we both enjoy; this has been a chronic issue throughout our relationship.  We have a horrible time deciding on movies and TV shows, but are pretty good at compromising.

There are basically two categories of television shows on my must-watch DVR list: TV shows I actually like and TV shows I fall asleep/grade papers/do homework/browse through Pinterest to.

Top 10 7 DVR Regulars

(in no particular order)

1.  Modern Family

This is quite possibly the smartest TV show of the new millennium.  Exhibit A:

2.  Survivor

It took me awhile to become a Survivor fan; about six years.  Initailly I thought the premise was rather stupid, but once Dear Hubby explain the finer points of the game, I was on board.  The social game is what makes this TV show a classic.

3.  Glee

What’s not to love?  Modern and classic tunes. Flashy dance moves.  A sassy gym teacher.  And these beautiful, straight men to drool over.

Oh sure, the story lines tend to receive backlash from the more conservative faction, but how appropriate for a show about teenagers to push the envelope…via show tune.

4. Grey’s Anatomy

BREAK. MY. HEART.  Grey’s Anatomy used to be my OBSESSION during the first five seasons.  Will Meredith and Derrick make it?  Can Burke melt Christina’s cold, surgical heart? Will the Chief step down and be a real husband to Adele?  Can the interns ever please Dr. Bailey?  The surgical interns of Seattle Grace Hospital would battle medical anomalies left and right, and still have enough stamina to boink the attendees.  Now, it’s just a merry-go-round of stating facts tenaciously.

“I am a surgeon, and single-mother.  I am a divorcee and a woman; a woman who needs to feel like a woman.”

“I am a doctor.  A medical doctor.  I save lives.  My mother was neurotic.  My absentee father is a drunk.  I have needs.”

5. American Horror Story

One word for this show: CREEPER!  If you’re not familiar with this show, or aren’t sure if you want to devote to a new, basic-cable TV show, check out the AMAZING recaps written by Paula at Eat, Watch, Run.

6. Dexter

There are few characters that are able to pull off being absolutely detestable and empathetic at the same time.  Tony Soprano is one, Dexter Morgan is the other.  How can you not want to see a serial-killer killer succeed?  Maybe when you realize that he’s starting to lose control of his “dark passenger.”

7.Desperate Housewives

Yet again, I began watching this series late, and thanks to Netflix Streaming, I was able to catch up while logging miles on the treadmill.  I will sorely miss the ladies of Wisteria Lane when they are no longer on the air next fall.  However, I am loving the cartoon version of itself that the series has turned into.  Jumping the Shark moment: the Brooklyn-Italian neighbor getting kidnapped and held hostage in order to build a bomb for her overly zealous tree hugging ex-boyfriend.

Question:  What do you regularly watch, either because you love the show, or it’s a great background noise?

5 thoughts on “What’s On My DVR

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  2. Aww, thanks for the compliment girl. 🙂
    I watch a few of these – Modern Family for sure. I also watch AHS (of course!) and Dexter. I have never actually seen a episode of Survivor and I stopped watching Greys, I think, in season 4 when Christina had to have surgery to get an icicle out of her abdomen. And icicle that DID NOT MELT indoors. hahaha. Crazy kids.
    I’m afraid to tell you my watch list because it is so long, you will wonder how I have time for anything else. I watch House, Raising Hope, The Office, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Ringer, SNL, Supernatural, and Chuck. And that’s just the stuff that’s on with new episodes right now. There’s more. MUCH more.

    • There are a few shows on your list that I have always wanted to watch, in theory, but never actually took the time to DVR: House and Revenge. There are a lot of random things on our DVR as well.

  3. Just found your blog via Twitter! I’m also a Survivor fan, but I started watching all the way back at Season 1 🙂 A.ddic.ted. I just started watching Grey’s Anatomy again, I’m to season 6, thank goodness for the library and TV on DVD. Will&Grace is my watch-while-I-workout show because it is on at the perfect time in the morning. I’m also a Lions fan, looking forward to reading more!

    • Thank you so much! My college roommate was a fan from the beginning as well; she even sent in an audition tape! There is a TV in front of the treadmill at my parents’ house – I typically watch reruns of Friends or Desperate Housewives when I’m there.

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