Less than a Week…

…until I turn 30.  Year.  Old.  Less than a week until I turn 30 years old.  30 years old.  OLD.

I am not apprehensive about hitting this new milestone in my life.  I’m actually looking forward to starting a new decade.  It’s sort of like the whole starting a’new at the beginning of the next month.  You can chalk up all your mistakes and successes to where you begin the new phase.

I don’t feel older.  I don’t feel old, and despite what my students say, I don’t look old.  And there’s something special about being a teenager during the 90s.

Here are some things that I thought I would have done by the time I was thirty years old:

1.  Be married.

2.  Own a house

I'd rather rent than own this.

3.  Teach in a public school

4.  Have at least one child

I never made this list official by writing it in a diary, which is odd because I have been hoarding half-filled journals since I was in elementary school.  I’m a little bit sad that I don’t have an Age Thirty Bucket List.  And so not to piss off my future, thirty-nine year old self by mucking it up for turning forty, here is a list of things I wish to accomplish before I kick the bucket turn 40.

1.  Own a house, and one that looks like this:

2.  Own two children pugs

3.  Complete my current Master’s Degree (Go Bearcats!) and another in Young Adult Literature – not that I’m obsessed or anything

4. Travel to Germany

5.  Run a sub-2:00 half marathon.  And no, I have no intention of trying to run 26.2 miles at once.

I’m about to go out and act a-fool while I’m still young enough to pull it off.

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