Wednesday Ramblement

I am an English teacher.  Did you know that?  How could you not tell by my professionalism and stellar grammar I use in this blog.

One method of prewriting that I utilize in my English classes is the Free Write.  It is a timed, but not always, writing event that takes place between a writer, their boundless thoughts, and creativity.  The majority of the time, I have my students Free Write after we have had a demonstration in class: a trust fall to emulate what it must have been like for Othello and Desdemona to blindly go on Iago’s word in the play, “Othello.”  The rules of a Free Write are that: 1.  You must write the entire time period.  2.  Write whatever comes to mind.  3.  Don’t stop and go back to correct spelling, grammar, or mushed-up ideas.  Again, I am very professional in the jargon that I use in class.

So what’s the point of me bringing this up?  Well mostly because I have nothing worth writing an entire blog entry about today; I have several snippets, but none worthy of being the singular focus.  Therefore, I shall free write (God help us) about the events of the past few days.

Ready? Set? FREE WRITE!

The past few days have been pretty eventful, but nothing incredibly exciting.  After my all-day baking extravaganza on Sunday, the fruits of my labors were enjoyed by the St. Paul School staff on Tuesday.  Everything was set to go and be placed in the Staff Room, with the exception of the Pizza Cresent Rolls.  Those were assembled Monday night by Dear Hubby and baked at school Tuesday morning.  The goodies were a total hit!  I brought home five empty containers and considered this Holiday Feast Day a success.

Dear Hubby's Desk - He always knows how to support his wife.

I’m usually very good at not buying myself anything that costs over $30 (please don’t rat me out, Dear Hubby) within the month of December for two reasons: Christmas and my birthday.  I hate it when I get a really great gift idea for somebody and then they turn around and purchase it for themselves.  I figured since I would be home shortly after my birthday this year (December 14th for those of you who would like to send gift cards) and shipping large items isn’t generally a task that people want to do during the holiday season, I figured I would be ok by purchasing a new coffee machine for our home from during their Cyber Week Monday sales.  This is what I picked up:

Dear Hubby and I had originally registered for a Keurig for our wedding, but then decided to take it off the list.  “Why would we want one of those way up in Alaska?  Too bulky to ship anyways.”  Famous last words.

I couldn’t wait to share my amazing purchase with my mom, along with a dozen other goodies.  I swear my household keeps in business!  Anyways, as soon as the word “machine” left my mouth, my mom started laughing on the other end of the phone.

“You’ll never guess what Dad and I picked up for you for your birthday!  I guess great minds DO think alike.”  I totally cringed because this was a large enough purchase that I should have at least given it a second thought that Mom would have bought one for me because she is the best gift-picker-outer, and knows me so well that it’s like “DUH,” of course she would know to buy that for me.  If she and my dad drank only one cup of coffee per person then I’m sure they would have given the Michigan Keurig a good home.

This morning’s workout had me chug along for three miles and then attempt the “1000 Workout Challenge.”  I knew better than to try and do all 1000 moves right off the bat, so I cut the challenge in half.  My 3 mile run was completed in 25:59 (8’36” avg pace) and I did the following workout with 8lbs weights.

I began reading a new book on the treadmill this morning, The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler.

It’s a pretty interesting storyline: it’s 1996 and a teenage girl discovers her own Facebook profile on AOL from fifteen years in the future.  I’m only about six chapters into it, and it won’t be another The Hunger Games or Divergent for me, but definitely should keep my interest for the duration of the novel.  There are so many references to the late 90s that make me giggle – again, while running on the treadmill; NERD ALERT! – such as, “Crash Into Me” by Dave Matthews Band, and running with a Discman strapped to your arm.  We have certainly come a long way from 100 free hours of AOL CD-Roms and 1996.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Ramblement

  1. Mrs Amanda- Loved all your blogging, was behind so I read 6 total today =o)
    Keurig to the rescue I love ours-at work and you may love more and more — your HS-BFF sells the coffee at her store and gets mega deals soon, any flavors in the starter pack/or others that perk your interest in wanting more ??? Let me know.
    I love your holiday feasting menu at school I plan to show you up today by making cake pops… we’ll see how much of a mess my kitchen will be in after that extravaganza

  2. Hey — you’re only 30 years YOUNG- sister you can only compare that I am OLDER than you. But OLD no…. the best part of 30 for me was seeing a guy at the time, that told me that 30 was the new 20 and that he being 27 at the time, was now seeing a younger woman…. nice! Although this fling did not work, it was the best birthday, thank you.

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