Going to Plan B, in a Good Way

This morning, I decided to follow up my 13.1 miles with an incline pyramid interval workout I found on Lindsay’s “In Sweetness and in Health” blog – she’s right!  It’s a real sweat-causer!!!

I followed it up with one quarter of the “1000 Workout Challenge” that I pinned this morning – thanks Tesse!

I made mention of the eating extravaganza that is the Holiday Season at the school where I teach.  Even though Dear Hubby and I signed up to provide the buffet on Tuesday, I decided it would be best to begin tackling the baking t0-do list on Sunday.  Originally I was going to spread the wealth to sweets and legitimate meal-type food.  However, I had to go onto Plan B.   It wasn’t because of poor execution, but because of a lack of resources.  Every recipe required at least two ingredients that I didn’t have, and the AC Store in town lacked at least one of those.  Thankfully I am generating a store of recipes that I feel comfortable with, and that people will actually eat; the first is way more important that the latter.

After three hours in the kitchen, here is my new menu for Christmas Food Exchange 2011:

Gingerbread Cookies:

Vanilla & Spice Rice Krispie Treats:

Cereal Bars, Plain AND with Chocolate:

And the recipe that I am so thrilled about turning out so well,

Baked S’Mores:

And with the final tupperware seal, it is officially the holiday season!

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