13.Fun Miles

Something pretty amazing happened at the Fancy Oatmeal house today: after being a couch bum for three days, I decided to set a new running goal for myself.  No matter what, I would complete my set goal, even if I had to walk the majority of it.  Today, I would run a half marathon.  No reason to put it off until the summer.  I can do it now!

And so I did it.

Let me repeat that: I ran my first 13.1 miles (in a row) EVER this morning.  My time was 2:07:29.

This wasn’t my only “first” today.  I read once that I would not need to start taking ice baths until I started running over 10 miles at a time.  Well since that happened today, I decided that it would be a good decision to try an ice bath as well.  I’ve read plenty of blogs about other brave Polar-Bears in training, but I was still one Nervous Nelly.  Mostly about the cold.  And ever since watching Titanic, I am apprehensive about floating blocks of ice.

I had planned, while en route to 13.1 miles, to snag a heap of snow from our front yard, but since the temperature gauge read 37 degrees and rain was pelting our house, I would have to settle with one bucket’s-worth of ice from the freezer.  I set the timer on my iPhone for five minutes and sank in.

It wasn’t that bad when I first sat down…and then I realized I probably didn’t have enough water in the tub with me.

As the height of the frosty water rose up over the tops of my calves, then knees, then thighs, I began to think that this wasn’t such a great idea.  This type of hazing as part of the initiation into half-marathon-dom is just cruel.

But seriously, it would have been increasingly easier and smarter to take a dip in the Bering Sea outside my backdoor.  Noted for next time.

Running for over two hours straight, dunking my lower-half in nippy water, and burning 1,500 calories does have it’s advantages:

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