The Cold Shoulder

You may have noticed in my grand return to blogging, I have failed to mention anything about running.  Well that’s because I’m mentally giving the treadmill the ol’ cold shoulder routine.

Physically I’m fine; my knees don’t hurt and I’ve been able to foam roll out the tightness in my legs.  So what gives?

I’m not really sure why I can’t motivate myself to workout in the mornings lately.  It’s not like I’m too tired.  I still get up and STAY awake when my alarm goes off.  Instead of running I’ve been watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy, reading the book I normally read while on the run (Divergent – very very good)  or I will waste about an hour and a half online.

I’ve given myself permission to be like this through today.  Saturday, the B.S. stops.  Perhaps I need to simply be allowed to sleep in, wake myself up and not by an alarm clock to break out of this funk.

So here’s my question to you, Dear Readers: What do you do to psych yourself up for a task that your brain simply does not want to do?

One thought on “The Cold Shoulder

  1. Either I just do it. Or, I think of all the other things I do and give myself a break by letting go for awhile. Eventually, my motivation kicks back into gear.

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