Opposites Attract

Dear Hubby and I share loads of interests: a love of Michigan State and Detroit Lions football, a cozy Sunday on the couch, and of course teaching.  But our differences also keep us on our toes.  While in Anchorage for Thanksgiving, Dear Hubby and I found ourselves appreciating how opposites attract one another.  Here are a handful of the opposites we encountered.

Opposites #1 – Vacation Wake Up Times

We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn, the same one that we booked in August with my favorite workout facility in Alaska.  Dear Hubby loves to sleep in no matter the occasion, but especially on holiday breaks.  It’s great for me because I enjoy getting my workouts in before breakfast.    And the Garden Inn has treadmills with TVs built in AKA I’m in heaven!

2.  Breakfast Buffet Choices

I hear the word buffet and have a mini freakout.  Temptation X 1,000!!!! HELLOOOOO! Thankfully the Garden Inn’s buffet was setup to accommodate both Dear Hubby and myself.  Can you guess which was my plate?

3.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

On Saturday morning, the Ferrari Foursome headed out to our favorite sports bar in Anchorage, the Peanut Farm.  Sadly, it was NOT open on Thanksgiving day for the Detroit Lions game, but it would accommodate us for the University of Michigan vs. Ohio State game.  I thought we would have no problem finding a spot to watch the games, but this is what we walked into:

The Peanut Farm was PACKED with a splattering of maize and blue and OSU red fans.  I would never have guessed that Alaska would have carried on the legendary rivalry of Wolverines and Buckeyes, but it was wall-to-wall football friction.  There’s really nothing better than the camaraderie between a Michigan State and Ohio State fan in their hatred towards all things U of M.

Who knew that Paula Abdul was so insightful?

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