Let the December Extravaganza Begin!

Welcome to December!!!

I love the beginning of a new month; they hold so many possibilities, and the opportunity to begin goals a’new is something that inspires me to push myself when I feel like a lump on the couch.  December is a month that inspires me even more so than the others because I look forward to it SO all year.  And it’s not just because of Christmas either.  There are a multitude of reasons for why I am excited for the twelfth month of year year…

1.  Ok, we’ll take care of the obvious reason first: Christmas and Christmas Break!

From a few years ago when our house was in "repair" mode. Our now dining room was our living room.

Dear Hubby and I will be spending the holidays in Michigan, again, this year.  We will have two full, glorious weeks with our family, friends, and those squashily little faces we have been missing all fall.

"OMG aren't you home yet?!?! I'm in agony!!!!"

"Since you're here, let's go for a walk."

"Oh? You're home? Great."

2.  Birthdays:  Not only is my birthday in December, and boy is it a doozy: 30th, but also some of my favorite gals:

My cousin Angie:

A beautiful bridesmaid from my wedding

Cousin Traci:

Cousins Rick, Traci, and Angie at the Susan G. Komen race - Trips Running Threat, Ya'll

and gal pals Brandy

and Amy

Amy and her ADORABLE son, Caleb.

I love the girl power in my life.  These ladies are truly special to me.

3.  The Detroit Lions have a Sunday Night Football game this month.  Their game against the Saints was chosen over all the others to replace the pitiful matchup between the Peyton Manningless Colts and Patriots.  This is pretty exciting news for a couple of lifelong Lions fans who have yet to see their team reach such a peak.

4. Christmas BREAK!!!!!

My new permanent address until further notice.

Cuz I’m so killer at it.

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