Christmas Baking

Teachers’ Lounges have been notorious for being the dumping grounds for decadent and savory treats.  You can blow your entire month’s day’s healthy diet in one trip to make copies.  Our staff room is no different, and the stakes are even higher at St. Paul School because instead of exchanging gifts for the holidays, we tighten each other’s belts via smorgasbords!

Each staff member signs up for a day to bring in as many baked goodies as they can.  We have had everything from cakes and cookies to crock pots of Chili, and as many finger foods as we’ve got…well…FINGERS!

It’s a real treat for those who like to indulge, and a real test for people like myself who try to abstain from sugar comas.  I tend to stay out of the general area, but Dear Hubby made three trips on the first day.  Dinner cooking duty is covered for the next three weeks.

I signed up for Tuesday the 6th of December.  The sooner I could sign up, the sooner the stress is out of my life.  I am a nervous cook.  I don’t want to bake anything that’s too difficult, or something that I have never tried before.  I would love to bring in a breakfast casserole, but the thought of baking eggs the morning of, and giving the entire island salmonella doesn’t sounds like a very cheery way to start the holiday season off.

So I will go with some tried and true recipes:

1.  Spicy Cajun Crispix Mix

2.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

3.  GingerBread Spice Rice Krispie Treats

4.  Baked Doughnuts (maybe with Lemon Glaze)

5.  Peppermint Bars – I made these last year and they were a real success!

It’s probably not the best idea for me to post about what I WILL be making, because come Sunday afternoon when I start putting this all together, I may be onto plan X,Y, and Z!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Baking

  1. Go for the breakfast casserole! They’re easy to make, always yummy, and never a health threat unless the consumer is already on their way to a tummy ache. I’ll send you a great recipe for baked French toast. My friend, Vera, make it for my birthday last year. A real crowd pleaser.

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