Back from the Beyond

I know what you’re thinking: “Where the BLEEP! has Fancy Oatmeal been??”  Well I’ll tell ya…I’ve been totally immersed in teaching, volleyball coaching, Student Council organizing, fund raiser planning, essay writing, article reading, conference attending, meal eating, email composing, weekend family phone calling, football watching, conference holding, Pinterest pinning, photo taking, holiday plane ticket buying, and Thanksgiving enjoying!  PHEW!  And now I’m back to FancyOatmeal blogging!!!

Last week was Thanksgiving and Dear Hubby and I traveled to Anchorage to spend it with my in-laws, the FOR REAL Ferraris, Sue and Tony.  We had a wonderful time doing a whole lot of not much but eating =)  What could possibly be better?  One of my favorite stops in Anchorage is the Wildlife Conservation Center.  We took my parents there last Spring and HAD to share it with Sue and Tony.  There were fewer animals out and about due to the heavy snow dumping that’s been going on lately, but still very enjoyable.



And with that, Dear Readers, I would like to say that I am thankful for all of your understanding during my hiatus.  I am excited to be back to sharing my adventures with you.

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