This is NOT Scheduled

My life seems to run best when I have an appointment for just about everything I do, jotted down in a calendar.  They have organizers for just about every type of event I participate in:

  • Lesson Plan Organizer
  • Workout Schedule
  • Weekly Menu Plans
  • Blog Organizers
  • Goal Setters
  • Get in your H2O Chart
Yea, I’ve used them all at one point or another, or sometimes all at once.  I go back to my German heritage; an entire nationality based on efficiency and stoicism.  And a touch of spunk.
Anyways, lately I have been feeling stressed out and totally engulfed with the idea of my running/workout schedule.  I started to see myself falling back into my emotional eating habits, and as much as I repeated, “I choose to run, I choose to run,” I knew that something needed to change.  And so I have decided to give myself the week off from a scheduled workout.
If I choose to hit the gym, fabulous.  If I decided to hit the snooze button, or stay home and catch up on everyone’s awesome blogs, that’s fine too.  It’s not a missed appointment (=STRESS) so mentally I’m in a much calmer place.


3 thoughts on “This is NOT Scheduled

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