Breakfast Station Upgrade

As many of you renters know, it’s not always easy making an apartment a home.  You’re limited with the type of decorative adjustments you can make to your dwellings.  It’s even more difficult here on St. Paul Island for two reasons:

1.  Despite being totally grateful that our condo came 100% fully furnished, the furniture is very neutral and can only be arranged in two different ways.

2.  Any furnishing or decorations must be purchased and shipped, sometimes very costly, to the island.

My mother is a beautiful fabric artist.  She has created gorgeous wall murals and quilts to match many of my adolescent and young adulthood phases.  My absolute prize possession is a sunburst quilt that my mom quilted when I was in high school.  It means so much to be that I shipped it to Alaska and snuggle under it every night on the couch.  It smells like my mother and it comforted me through the most difficult bouts  of homesickness.

So you can imagine my joy when I opened a package sent from home that contained this:

I had asked my mom to make Dear Hubby and I a new mat for under our coffee pot and smoothie operator.  The one we had been using was also a Mom-creation, but definitely in the Halloween genre with skeletons.  You’d think I would want to use it right now, but I like to think ahead to the next 11 months.

It fits perfectly on our countertop and goes with the rest of the decor of the kitchen.


In other creative news, the new enhancements are out for  I am a huge fan of this website.  It allows you to edit and add text and other fancy things stuff to your photos.  Like this:

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