Monday Musings

Hi All!

It’s been a FULLY LOADED baked potato kind of week/weekend for me over here in Fancy Oatmeal land.  School is definitely in full swing, and 95% of my attention was being occupied by creating lesson plans, developing presentations, grading assignments, and smiling even if all I want to do is take a nap.  In addition to being the teacher, I have also jumped into my University of Cincinnati coursework and am embracing my student status.  On the training field, I’ve been increasing my daily distances by half miles, and this week marks the 6 mile goal.  And oh yea, I have a husband and family and friends to make life a little less uncomfortable.  It just seems that there’s not enough hours in a day.

A journal topic that I posed to my students was, “What would you do if you only required one hour of sleep a day?”  On that potentially awesome note, here are a few of the things that I would do with those additional seven hours.


Yea, you heard me.  As if I didn’t bitch enough to anyone who can’t get away from me fast enough, I would totally spend one of those bonus hours to pad my workout routine.  That’s how I got this rockin’ bod over the summer; an hour for cardio and at least thirty minutes for weights.  As it is, I feel the rush in the A.M. to get the run knocked out, and no rest to get my mojo back up so I can tackle the weights.

2.  Create More Lesson Plans

I will admit to you now that teachers, as a whole, are probably the most likely professionals to steal/beg/borrow completed work from one another.  And we openly admit to it.  There are hundreds of legitimate websites that allow for teachers to share/sell their lesson plans.  I’m a big fan of not reinventing the wheel, and after teaching for six years, I’ve got my own file folder to steal from.  And the truth is, I LOVE creating my own lesson plans that are directed towards my students, as a whole and individually.   For example, to help my students practice writing supporting details for their topic sentence, I created an outline for a body on my classroom floor.  They were to decide, based upon the evidence I provided, who was killed and how.

It was a fun lesson.  And a good head’s up.

3.  Make even more delicious foods

Right now I’m transitioning from summer to winter foods. I usually add frozen blueberries and strawberries to my oatmeal and smoothies.  I had my mom ship up a few cans of pumpkin so I could experiment.  I’ve come to realize two things:

Pumpkin + Nutmeg = Delicious in oatmeal

Pumpkin + Nutmeg = Baby food lookin’ breakfast

4.  Bemoan the death of my iPhone

Yes, that’s correct.  Saturday morning was working overtime to irritate me for some reason.  I woke up early to get my workout done before Parent/Teacher conferences (which I love, and was looking forward to).  The workout went ok, but I was feeling kinda out of it for some reason.  After my shower and pretty-fying myself, I threw my keys, smoothie, travel mug-o-coffee, and iPhone into my “I See Green People” reusable grocery bag.  I loaded up the backseat of the car, and headed to school.  As I walked towards the building, I heard a peeing sound.  I looked down to see my iPhone floating in a pool of coffee that was slowly dribbling out of the satchel.  In a scene out of “A Christmas Story,” I yelled out, “OHhhhhhhhh FUUUUUUUDDDDGGEE!”

Right now, the iPhone Sponge is resting in peace in a Ziplock baggie of rice.  I read online that might help revive the device, but I found that article AFTER I plugged it in; the universally forbidden thing to do when your phone is exposed to liquids.   Pale faces like mine and iPhones should avoid the beach at all costs.

5.  Throw an “I Love the Detroit Lions” Party

The last time the Detroit Lions started a season 3-0, it was 1980 and I wasn’t even born yet.

The last time the Detroit Lions beat the Minnesota Vikings in Minnesota was 1997.

The Detroit Lions overcame a 0-20 deficit at halftime to win in overtime 23-20.

The hopes of the entire city of Detroit rest on these shoulders

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