A Big Non-Bowel Move

Before I even get started with the blog today, I need to say one thing:

No sarcasm.  No “, but….” Nothing else to say.  It’s genuine.  I had a long day today, and I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.  So, how do you like them (teacher’s) apples???

Ok, so onto the main topic of this blog entry:

Today, I put in an order for a treadmill for Dear Hubby and I.  That’s right, folks.  I’ve decided that the best way to burn through my savings progress forward both fitness and sanity-wise is to have a treadmill in our home.  I honestly have felt anxiety pangs and shortness of breath from the thought of not being able to run on a scheduled day because of either a.) a broken community treadmill in the school’s dungeon, or b.) the snow drifts in the winter prevent our go-cart of an automobile from getting me from home to treadmill.  Yea, I’m a freak.  But in my defense, it takes one to know one.

What did we choose to spend our hard-earned/limited moolah on?  A ProForm 600.

It’s a pretty sweet machine.  I’m a pretty big fan of ProForm fitness equipment.

At home in Michigan, I have a ProForm 590T and love it.  It’s also the sponsor of my favorite hotel gym in Alaska.  So what sold me on this particular model?

  • This particular model is of a commercial breed.  It’s got a stronger, more powerful motor and the sales rep told me it averages a longer life than a home version by 8 years.  Do I think I’ll be spending the next 12-14 years on the island?  I won’t count anything out, and the German blood in me tells me to plan plan plan ahead!
  • The ProShox™ Elite 2 Cushioning absorbs 25% of the shock caused by my constant and lop-sided running strides.  I still can’t figure out why the heck I only get blisters on the inside of my left foot.  Maybe I have an emerging club foot; it would be the only part of my body that still is connected to the party scene.
  • According to Proform.com, this treadmill is Nike + iPod® Compatible, so I can “Track (my) performance with Nike + iPod®! It’s the fastest, easiest way to stay in touch with (my) workout. Simply connect (my) iPod*, work out and then sync *(my) results online at Nikeplus.com.”   So does this mean I won’t have to worry about applying a healthy layer of BodyGlyde to my upper arm in hopes that my iPhone band won’t chafe away yet another layer of skin???  Let’s hope!
  •  Probably the most important feature, and what sold me in the long run, is that this model comes with a built in fan.
I ordered the treadmill today from Proform.com.  They offered a 3-4 week window for how long it will take to ship the little bundle of joy to Anchorage.  From there, it will take a nice and gentle ride from Ace Cargo’s headquarters to the island.  From there, I just hope I can find two burly guys who can help me transport Little Sorrel (yes, I’ve named her already…after Stonewall Jackson’s horse.  He’s my favorite Civil War general, and another person who’s own allies caused him harm, in my case the treadmill itself.  Learn your history people) to the house.  Dear Hubby and I have already talked about the noise my running will create in the mornings, and we’re both fine with it waking/keeping him up.  I’m more ok with it than him, but I’ve been the more accommodating of the pair.
So hopefully before the end of October, we’ll have everything all setup.  I know.  That seems like an outrageous amount of time to wait for a treadmill, but the payoff will be worth it.
I have to share my breakfast with you today.  I’m not sure what happened, but I ended up with a touch too much smoothie.  It looked like a giant pool of chocolatey/instant coffee-y goodness.

4 thoughts on “A Big Non-Bowel Move

  1. I love your treadmill!!! Its soo fun gym-ing at home! I have a sort of peddling thing and its wonderful exercising it while watching TV. Takes all the tiredness away 😀 Glad you love your job! 😀

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