Sucks to Your Alarm Clock

Let me first say that I am living under Murphy’s Law when it comes to alarm clocks and waking up on time.  I use my iPhone as my alarm clock, and like the big dummy I am, I left it at school Thursday night.  So I setup my travel alarm, feeling very confident that it would wake me at 4:30 for my strength training workout.  WRONG!

5:15ish later, I decided to call it a Rest Day as I was previously scheduled for anyways.  Not a total loss, but still disappointing.

Last night, I had my trusty iPhone set for 4:30 AM because this morning I would be making up that Strength Training session.  WRONG AGAIN!!!!

I woke up at 5:20 and realized that my phone was indeed buzzing its alarm, but you can’t wake up to a noise that doesn’t exist.  Note to self:  Make sure your damn ringer is on if you want the #@!!@# alarm to wake your dumb self up!!!

Workout Schedule for the Week of September 12th:

Monday – Strength Training + 1 mile warm up REST

Tuesday – 4.5 run + Abs

Wednesday 45 minute Tempo + Upper Body

Thursday – 4.5 run + Lower Body

Friday – Bob Harper Strength Training DVD (fresh from the packages delivered tonight)

Saturday – 5 mile tempo + Abs + Upper Body

Sunday – 10 mile Long Run

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