Week-End Wrap Up

Happy Football-Frenzy!!  Oh wait, you don’t call Saturday and Sunday that in your house???  Oh I must be the only lucky one who lives that lifestyle.  In all honesty, I’m a pretty big fan of gridirons and pigskins, but I do have my limits.  When the names of the colleges that are playing have more than four words, then I feel it’s not a total necessity to see if they cover the spread.

This morning, I made a deal with Dear Hubby that I would watch the first half-ish of the Michigan State football game and then come to the gym to workout.  I normally will not make this an option later in the season because as most college sports fans know, the first three weeks of the football schedule are mostly “gimme” games, and the small-fry schools get their shot at greatness by knocking off a big league school.  This normally never happens.  **Cough Cough – Appalachian State – Cough Cough** 

Speaking of seeing upsetting things at a college football game, this morning at 8am when Dear Hubby and I were celebrating the first of many EARLY wake up calls all in the name of Spartan love, we saw this D-Bag at Spartan Stadium:

Doesn’t the Situation know that it’s MICHIGAN that attracts the “less than” socially acceptable fan?  I know I’m going to hear about this if only more than my immediate family kept up with my blog but it’s widely known that the University of Michigan has a specific and special breed of supporters known as Walmart Wolverines.  The majority of those who will don a maize and blue t-shirt and talk junk about Michigan State being “Little Brother” are also those who have 1.) Never attended the University of Michigan  2.) Buy their Michigan gear, tires, and milk from Walmart and 3.) Only know that Michigan has won more than its fair share of games, but never the National Title out-right.  They are fair-weathered and will jump at the opportunity to claim Tom Brady, even though he was treated like a red-headed step child while he was a Wolverine.  There.  I’ve said my piece.

Today’s games weren’t the only exposure I’ve had to football this week.  If you’re a video game fan, or know of/are married to a 14 year you know that the 2012 Madden football game was released this week.  Dear Hubby put in a pre-order and it was hand-delivered to us the day after.  It was the most amazing thing that happened to us all week.  I agreed to give it a shot, letting Dear Hubby teach me how to play.  I’m definitely not the technology lord in the house, so this could be quite a challenge, both for our marriage and our sanity.

On the exercise/running front, life has been pretty good.  On Monday, my plan looked like this:

Monday – 1 mile warm up + weights (DONE)

Tuesday – 4.5 miles EZ + abs (DONE)

Wednesday – 40 min tempo + arms (DONE)

Thursday 4.5 miles EZ + lower body – (Only 4.5 miles)

Friday – Rest day (DONE)

Saturday 4 miles EZ + Jackie Warner DVD – (4 miles @ 8:50 pace + all 3 levels of the “Biggest Loser Sculpt” DVD)

Sunday – 9 miles EZ – WILL DO

I also took my foam roller to school, finally, so that I could more efficiently roll out my IT Bands.  I usually do it when I get home, on most days.  I figured if it was in the actual location where I do my running, it might get used more often.  I did really well with my workouts this week, and the only day that gave me fits and babies was Thursday morning.  However, I knew exactly why: I ate way too many salty Special K crisps on Wednesday night.  I was dehydrated, running with a heap of partially digested carbs in my gut, and felt more guilty than…well, a runner who eats way too much shit the night before a run.  I’m just lucky that the guilt didn’t speed up the digestion process and create a TMI situation.

Because I don’t want to leave you on a poopy note, pun and groan intended, I’ll share with you the GORGEOUS sunrise that we were blessed with Friday morning.

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