Well That Didn’t Last Long

Are you surprised that I’m back?  Yea, me either.

I had a long talk with myself over my 9 miler yesterday – yes, I literally talked to myself.  Out loud.  Living on an island makes you do crazy things, get off me.

Anyways, as I was running, I decided that the reason why I “quit” blogging for five seconds was because I spazzed out at my upcoming plate of responsibilities.  I’m not as strong or ambitious as some people when faced with a full load.

I aim to be as strong as that couch someday.

And even though I know I’ll be able to sort through and prioritize my time appropriately as challenges arise, I just punked out a bit.  After not blogging, I realized how much I truly enjoyed it and it doesn’t have to be something that consumes me more than than I am capable of handling.  I was viewing my outlet as another stressor, and that’s when I knew I needed to change my perspective.

A Lesson in Life

This is a technique that my gorgeous and talented sister, Jamie, taught me last year when I started feeling overwhelmed.  A change of attitude and word choice.

Replace, “Ugh.  I have to _(insert non-desirable task)_.  Oh whoa is me!” with:

“I choose to  _(insert non-desirable task)_  because it will help me __________.”


  • I choose to blog with my free time because it allows me to use my creativity in a positive way instead of worrying Dear Hubby about what facial hair idea I have for him.
  • I choose to run in a windowless basement for 9+ miles for the next month instead of sleeping in on Sundays because I love how my butt looks in my spandex after I’m done.

  • I choose to listen to my co-workers make fun of my eating habits because it will lull them into a false sense of comfort for when I sabotage their Diet Mountain Dew stash (I don’t know WHO I could be talking about here)
See!  When you change the words “have to” to “choose to” you’re gaining ownership of the situation, instead of it owning you.  It also makes it a lot easier to see the positive.  It’s made a lot of my choices in life seem a lot more enjoyable than I ever thought.  Try it out sometime.  Choose to try it out, I should say =)

And today, I announce to you my choice to only commit to blogging once a week.  If I can do it more often, I will.  Double bonus.

So what’s been keeping me busy?  Reading and BBQs.

First, I finished the Hunger Games trilogy as of this morning at 12:23 am.

I started them on Wednesday, but that’s beside the point.  This series was amazing and I’m so glad that I finally took the time to read it.  It’s meant for young adults, and maybe because my brain is set on “juvenile” but I thought the author, Suzanne Collins, did a marvelous job appealing to all age groups.  I hear that there’s a movie trailer available…I’ll be Googling that ASAP.

Next, there was a Labor Day BBQ on the island yesterday.  The weather fluctuated between semi-sunny and drizzle, but the food and company were wonderful.

Dear Hubby and I, along with the new teachers and a splattering of students, hiked up the nearest mountain hill, called Polovina.  We punked out at the halfway point, but we were proud of ourselves.

This week’s Half-Marathon training schedule calls for:

Monday – 1 mile warm up + weights (DONE)

Tuesday – 4.5 miles EZ + abs

Wednesday – 40 min tempo + arms

Thursday 4.5 miles EZ + lower body

Friday – Rest day

Saturday 4 miles EZ + Jackie Warner DVD

Sunday – 9 miles EZ

It feels good to be back…same feeling as the return to bed on the couch after having to get up and pee.  So good.  So good.

4 thoughts on “Well That Didn’t Last Long

  1. I choose to Gym this week, wow it does really have a ring to it. I also have chosen to reward myself with Horrocks after Gym-ing it three times a week to get yummy good fresh healthy foods, its on my way home and I love just browsing that place even when I’m sweaty and looks aren’t at the top of the list… I’m glad to hear that your not quitting the blog, I would be happy with once a month too. Just a happy update.
    Yeah for fancy oatmeal…. PS I need your address.

  2. I say don’t even have a blogging schedule. Just do it when you have time. That’s what I do. Almost all the blogs I read post at least twice a day. I don’t have time for that. I post about 5 times a week. And honestly, I think it makes my blog posts more interesting than they would be if I posted 10 times a week, ya know?

    Oh, and I LOOOOVE me some Hunger Games. Can’t wait for the movies! You should try either The Maze Runner series (third one is out in Oct I think) or Unwind next. Second book to Unwind isn’t out till next year. But MAN…it is so good. And they are both similar to Hunger Games in ways.

    • You’re so right about the double digit posters. I live reading them but it’s either their job or are way more organized and efficient than I. Thank you for your support.

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