The Dust Has Settled


I need to first apologize to all my loyal readers for my absence from blogging lately.  I’ve been working my fingers and organizational/planning skills to the bone the past week in anticipation for the 2011-2012 school year.

You would think that I would have become more efficient at preparing my classroom and curriculum for the school year by now.  I mean it’s my 6th time around and all.   I will say this that I am feeling the more prepared, most ready, most secure about my curriculum and general duties this year than ever before.  I could throw out all sorts of excuses as to why it’s taken this long, but I’d rather focus on the positive and be TOTALLY PSYCHED about all that lies ahead of me.

What’s Got Me Giddy:

  • I’m teaching four classes of English & one elective (more about this later)
  • I’m NOT the new kid on the island, and not NEARLY as shy as I was this time last year.
  • I have the next four weeks of ALL FIVE of my classes planned out.
  • The new teachers at the school are awesome!
  • I ran 8 miles today and am not dead to the world.
  • We found the missing remote for the DVD player so I can actually use my Jackie Warner circuit training DVD again!
  • Dear Hubby is a techie and helps make life so much easier.
  • I love all my co-workers; how many people can say that??
  • My students are all good kids, and the ones who test me make me better and I love them for it!
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Thanks, Kristen.
Remember giddy causer #1 from above??  The reason why I am so excited is that not only am I teaching four sections of English, my love of loves of content areas, but I was given the opportunity to teach a German foreign language class!!!!
When I was a little girl, my papa taught me how to count to ten in German, a handful of German folksongs, and I’m sure some dirty words disguised as something appropriate.   He wanted me to carry on our family heritage and learn the language that sounds as if the speaker is eternally exasperated.  Despite how….organic the language might sound, I love it and wish that I could go back in time and continue my coursework in college, allowing me to be 100% fluent today.  Do I know anyone else that I can speak German to?  Other than my cousin Liz, no.  But that’s beside the point.  After this year, I’ll be able to add 11 high school students to that list.  List of one.  (Shut up.  If you can be an army of one, there ain’t nothing wrong with sprechen Sie Deutsch with one.)
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On the running front, things are going really well!  I thought I’d bring you a little deeper into my world of half-marathong training on the island versus at home in Michigan.  As you know, in Alaska I run on a treadmill in the basement of the school.  It’s definitely way better than how it sounds.  Without a TV, windows, or internet, a gals gotta find a way to keep her sanity when running multiple miles.

I’m lucky enough to be one of the few freaks of nature talented runners who can read and run at the same time.  Thanks to the ‘MUNGUS sized fonts on my Kindle, I’ve been able to mentally escape to far off places such as the south in the 1960s (The Help), the future (Matched), and currently Russia during WWII (City of Thieves).

Yes, that is a giant paper clip to keep the Kindle from shakin from my thunderous strides.

These are all my goodies that I require in order to make my runs healthy, productive, rash-free, and entertainment-filled.

I used all these things today on my long run; that's water, not Vodka

Remember when I told you that I have been developing some pretty awesome baby blisters on the arch of JUST my left foot when I run over 5 miles?  Well in hopes of avoiding worsening their current conditions, or adding a Simon and Garfunkel to the gang, I applied two bandages to the noted area.

Holy @&@#$&!@#*#@!!  It didn’t work.

But the show must go on!  Here is my planned training schedule for the upcoming week:

Monday:  Bob Harper Cardio Max DVD (60 minutes)

Tuesday:  4 miles @ EZ pace + Jackie Warner Upper Body & Abs

Wednesday:  40 minute tempo run + Jackie Warner Lower Body

Thursday: 4 miles @ EZ pace + Jackie Warner Upper Body & Abs

Friday: REST!!!!!

Saturday: 4 miles @ 9:30 pace + Jackie Warner DVD

Sunday: 9 miles @ EZ pace

2 thoughts on “The Dust Has Settled

  1. I took German in high school and LOVED it. I did a mini exchange the summer between my junior and senior year. I don’t remember much but I do remember the most important questions…

    “Darf ich wasser trinken?” and “Darf ich toilette gehen?” Burned into my brain. I have a few others… “Warte, warte, niche so schnell.” was something we always repeated after watching some bad German learning video.

    So sorry about the feets!

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