My Secret Ingredient

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Today was one of those rare days that I actually jumped out of bed, fully rested and prepared to take on my morning workout.  Usually, I need a little mental push to get me there when my schedule is run by alarms and not sunlight.  But I got my 4 miles in without issue; 36:30 an average of 9:05 pace.  Without a TV or internet connection, I’ve been relying on my Kindle to keep my attention away from “ugh, how many more minutes?????”  I know that running while reading is a feat most have not mastered or attempted, but when the font is no less than 3/4″ tall, there’s no stoppin’ ya!

I should have been able to, in theory, fly through my morning on that spike of energy, but I knew much much better.  I had my usual cup of coffee on the way to and from the school’s gym.  Good deal.  And since I don’t drink coffee at work (a fear of being the teacher with coffee breath) I had to become creative.  My solution:

I add a teaspoon to tablespoon of instant coffee to my smoothies, and with the rich flavor of the SPIRU-TEIN and berries, you can barely taste it.

Speaking of barely being able to taste anything, this morning we had to leave a little bit earlier because it’s REGISTRATION DAY!!!  I made my smoothie, but knew I would never be able to eat it without scarfing and spoiling it, so I poured it in a to-go jar and enjoyed it at school as I prepped for my first meeting.

Registration went really really well.  I loved seeing all my students and parents again after such a long break.  I am on such an adrenaline rush for this school year, but who wouldn’t in this killer outfit?

Weirdo side note/inside note to myself: I like matching hot pink and black because those were the colors of my favorite WWF wrestler, Bret Hart.  When was he my favorite? No less than RIGHT NOW!

3 thoughts on “My Secret Ingredient

  1. LOL – I always liked Brutus the Barber Beefcake. Something about a man that can wrestle and give haircuts at the same time.

    Nice job on the workout. I LOVE when I’m rested in the morning, which is almost never these days. Once this marathon training is over, I am sleeping for 10 days straight. I’m sure my hubs will love that.

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