A Note to Say I was Here

Hey all.  I don’t have any time to chat, I’m really important busy getting my classroom and curriculum organized.  Tomorrow is registration where we meet and welcome the students and their parents, go over their schedules, and take care of paperwork.  It’s a good transition day between teacher in-service and the first day of school.

But I did take a little break over lunch to prepare a few photos to show you what ball of awesomeness the Postal Service is up here.  In the past two days, Dear Hubby and I have received no less than 30 boxes of goods from home/Amazon.com.

The big haul was last night:

There were a lot of “OH WOW!” and “I forgot we shipped this” and “YESSSSSSSSSS!” and “I can’t believe how quickly this got here” phrases flying around the atmosphere in our kitchen.  One of my favorites, and most sought after packages contained organizers for our pantries.  I quickly put them to good use.

Another bonus that showed up that I had forgotten about was a bag of bite-sized, candied fruit snacks from Dole.  They look like week-old dog doo pellets, but taste like heaven.  Not so much yogurty as they are creamy/granola texture.  It’s hard to describe, but well worth it.

Another delicious goodie were the 18 Rabbits bars that my mom bought for us.  I remember her asking what flavors I would like sometime this summer, and there those stinkers were!  Very very good.  I enjoyed the cranberry pecan quite a bit.

(Photo Source)

Well if you’ll excuse me, I simply must get myself back on the couch and watch a butt load of DVR shows.

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