Teachers Love School

It was the first day of school (for staff) today!!!  YEAHH!!!

In anticipation for today, I laid out my clothes and packed our lunches last night.  I went to bed an hour early knowing that my anxiety, all good, would keep me up late.  And there won’t be kids in the building until Friday!!!

Teachers are weird.  We luuuuuuurve the first day of school like it’s the last day of school.

I was fully energized after spending an hour with my fitness boyfriend, Bob Harper; fueled by a blueberry and banana smoothie.  The excitement about kicking off the school year must have got to me because after two sips of breakfast, I realized that I didn’t add the scoop of Cherry’s Jubilee SPIRUTEIN protein powder, the backbone of the whole dang thing.  WOOPS.  Despite that, I enjoy the mess out of my smoothie.

My “high apple pie in the sky” mood was further solidified when I was greeted by this as I walked out the door:

And my classroom is coming together like the edge-pieces of a puzzle.

8 thoughts on “Teachers Love School

  1. Good for you! Accentuate the positive and the negative will always fade away. So proud of you (and envious–I want that morning sky)….

  2. Excellent, Amanda! Love the pics-feel like I’m there with you. You’re off to a great start; I can only imagine what the school year will bring and I know you’ll embrace it with gusto!

  3. I just found your blog today. What do you teach? I am an Elementary Special Ed teacher. We started school August 10th (with kids), so we’ve been at it for a little while.

  4. From one teacher to another: I am jealous that you are starting the year. I am about three-quarters of the way through mine, and just about where all of our year 12 work has to be bundled into submissions and sent away. ie. the busiest and most stressful part of the entire year.

    Couldn’t agree more about the first day. I don’t know whether or not you have “student free days”, but we start the year with two of them. The first one is always VERY laid back, very casual. Every swapping war stories about the Christmas break etc. Anyway, best of luck with this school year to you. 🙂 (I can never get my head around the northern hemisphere school year starting… in the middle of the year. 🙂 )

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